With the pandemic’s impact on real estate prices and the influence of market stability, homeowners may feel overwhelmed throughout the stages of putting their property up for sale. If your goal is to sell your home before the end of the year, there are some key steps to be aware of before starting this process. Firstly and most importantly, your realtor must be up to date with the state of the market. At Real Pavel, information surrounding data, statistics, sales, and prices are paramount, and as a result, clients are delivered the best possible experience when selling their homes.

Getting ready to sell your home? Here are 2 crucial actions to keep in mind

Forming a plan

Throughout the pandemic, planning ahead to protect the safety and well-being of individuals has been necessary in the world of real estate. When working with your realtor, protocols should be set up that ensures each viewing and open house is in line with the public health guidelines in your area. For example, after a property is thoroughly cleaned, it is beneficial to leave all interior doors open so that visitors avoid touching high-contact surfaces like doorknobs while viewing the house. Having single-use masks and a disinfecting station for guests is recommended as well. All in all, knowing the measures your realtor is taking for the protection of your health and that of potential buyers is essential.

Focusing on presentation

Currently, buyers are much less casual about shopping for their next home. Due to serious buyer motivations in the majority of cases, and changes to in-person viewings because of physical distancing, making your home’s first impressions count is a priority. To showcase the property’s top features, creating a clean and well-kept environment goes a long way. Lastly, the aspect of the presentation is important every time your house is set for viewing.

Aiming to sell your home in the fall or winter of 2021? Let Real Pavel guide you through different stages of selling your home, with utmost honesty, dedication, as well as an ideal blend of passion and professionalism. Reach out today to discover more about our services!

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