Before putting your condo on the market, it is imperative to know that your condo might require a bit of care and repair to ensure a sale price higher than fair market value. An important aspect to achieve this is the decluttering and/or staging of condos, but it’s worthwhile to consider the need for a renovation of your condo. In addition to the payments that are involved, renovations of any type can take many weeks to complete, so it’s a must for residents to carefully consider the option of renovating before selling their homes.

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What goes into renovating a condo?

Since condos are real estate assets, a renovation allows you to invest in your asset and add value to the property. Irrespective of renovations, selling your condo with the help of a trusted realtor like Real Pavel will involve other contributors, such as a mortgage broker, real estate lawyer, and home inspector. If you choose to renovate, a team of skilled tradespeople is included in this group as well, and all of these professionals play crucial roles throughout the process of both buying and selling. If you’re starting preparations to place your condo on the market, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with not only who you’ll be interacting with, but also the requirements that can arise surrounding upgrades.

When to renovate a condo

If you own an investment property or otherwise, it’s only natural for the unit to wear down after a certain number of years, especially if it’s been lived in for that full extent of time. In most cases, the best choice is to renovate an older condo, which keeps the owner from losing money on the sale. To determine what needs to be renovated or replaced, a view of your condo as a whole can help you begin to make decisions. For example, the flooring, wall paint, kitchen appliances, door handles and hinges, or light fixtures might call for an update. Lastly, whether it’s a large- or small-scale renovation, it will have a major impact on getting the condo sold, ensuring you receive a return on your investment.

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