For home buyers and sellers alike, the sale of properties during the winter season can be a beneficial process. Due to factors such as a smaller buying pool, and a less active market throughout this time of the year, winters attract buyers with more serious offers and motivations to purchase. On one hand, there is less competition among home buyers during winters. But, on the other hand, the weather that comes along with winter might force you to assess the home a bit differently if parts of the property are covered by ice and snow.

Aiming to purchase a home in Toronto this winter? Here are some considerations for buying a property when mercury drops below zero:

View the exterior features with a careful lens

No matter the time of the year, the first impression of a property from the road or sidewalk can be a crucial influence on your decision to buy. It’s also important to carefully inspect the home’s exterior while ensuring that the driveway, outdoor stairs, and other paths are shoveled in order to view their condition. When it comes to the roof, if there’s a lack of snow on top of the home compared to those around it, then insufficient insulation and escaping heat are likely the causes. Lastly, it’s a great idea to request images of the property during recent summer months, as a way to gain a better sense of the front and back yards.

Examine the interior structure for winter-related issues

Checking the home’s windows for signs of drafts, fogging, or condensation can help you to determine their condition. Additionally, with the dryness that colder weather may bring to a room, keep an eye out for gaps or splits in hardwood floors. Also, ensuring that interior doors and cupboards have not shrunk slightly, possibly affecting how they close, are important assessments to make as well. On a final note, if you are buying a house in Toronto, it’s essential to learn about the functioning of the home’s HVAC systems from the seller as many homeowners in the GTA install modern heating systems before putting their house on the market.

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