Recent years have brought new challenges that have changed the ways of operation in the real estate world. Many home buyers in Toronto’s market have also been focusing on new criteria for the homes they seek. With a big shift towards working from home, some buyers are driven to move to a larger space if their current arrangements are feeling tight or crowded. It’s understandable that, in addition to more room, buyers also tend to look for a different type of space or even a different location. That being said, while one’s budget is usually established before purchasing or leasing a property, thoughts on location can have an interesting impact on the search for which home to settle on.

To understand how location influences your property decisions, you must compare other factors of home buying with respect to location.


How important are a home’s characteristics to you?

When there’s a lot of flexibility in location, sometimes it’s the house or condo itself that sways the final choice, as opposed to where it is located in the city. This approach to location, especially if a number of potential areas are listed, can be navigated in a few ways. Taking into account the budget, amount of bedrooms, and other desired architectural elements, you can compare the properties to narrow down the list.

Are you open to several locations across the city?

While searching for a home, it’s best to find neighbourhoods that offer more than one or two options that fit your criteria. In other words, searching for an area where several homes align with the ideal description will expand overall choices. In the case that location is not of great concern to you, a probable goal is simply to live in a section of the city where you can get everything desired at an affordable price. Having an open approach to the location might streamline your search and help you focus on other important factors in buying a home.

The factors of property value and specific location can steer buyers in different directions as they navigate their home buying journey. If you’re preparing to start this process and are ready to hire a realtor, contact Real Pavel today to learn more about our services and values.

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