Know Your Realtor

Why Choose Real Pavel?

There’s a saturated market of real estate agents and brokers in Toronto. Finding a realtor who is the right fit for you and your home buying journey is like looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s why Real Pavel is here to make your life easy.

How We Stand Out From The Crowd?

Our core values include: 

  • Honesty.
  • Dedication towards serving clients. 
  • Relentless work-ethic.
  • Perfect mix of passion and professionalism. 
  • Determination to get the job done at all cost.  

We guarantee you won’t find another real estate agent as committed and knowledgeable as Pavel. We value our clients’ needs above everything, and our unwavering guidance and support will help you find your dream home.  

Perks of working with Real Pavel

Apart from our expertise in the real estate market, working with us has many benefits:

  1. Get 24/7 access to Pavel and his team. Have any questions about the buying or selling process? Day or night, dawn or dusk, we are here for you!  Unlike other real estate brokers who split their time between an excessive number of clients, we at Real Pavel, believe in delivering quality service to you above all. 

  2. Work with the best construction personnel in GTA.  Home renovations are a part and parcel of the home buying and selling process. Working with Pavel gives you access to his personal network of construction suppliers and skilled tradespeople. With Real Pavel, you get a reliable realtor and a home expansion wiz all rolled into one.      

  3. Get the best deals with Pavel’s top-notch negotiation strategies. With years of hard work and toil, Pavel has picked up the tips and tricks of negotiating a real estate deal. Whether you are bidding offers to buy a house or comparing offers as a seller, you just can’t go wrong with Pavel and his team by your side. 

  4. Promote your listing through our advanced marketing tools.  We spare no expense in promoting your house listing to attract potential buyers from all over Canada. To ensure your house gets the exposure it deserves, we come up with creative marketing tools like virtual tours on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, postings across real estate listing websites and social media groups. 

  5. Browse through an exhaustive list of homes in GTA to find the house you always wanted. From video tours to on-location house viewing, we leave no stone unturned to hunt your dream home. View hundreds of properties in Toronto and GTA with us before making the biggest financial decision of your life. 

Excited to work with us? We sure are! Contact us today!

Why Choose Real Pavel?

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