An experienced realtor in Toronto is familiar with the impact that certain factors have on the value of real estate properties. These factors can be grouped into two categories: external factors and internal factors.

External factors are the influences from outside of the property, which may include changes in population, changes in the labour force, inflation, and interest rates. Internal factors are those within the property, which might involve improvements in building technology, rise in building standards, and changes in zoning laws.

Investing in the real estate market? Here are five factors that can affect the property value:

Interest Rates

Higher interest rates will have an affect on the motivations of both homebuyers and sellers. If interest rates are on the rise, it means that the buyer will have to pay more on interest and it leads to an increase in the final property value. On the other hand, lower interest rates also play a role in one’s readiness to buy or sell.

Local Economy

Many individuals and families across the country head towards particular cities and neighbourhoods for employment opportunities. Some choose places that have better schools, shopping and recreational experiences, as well as other characteristics. Needless to say, the price of a property in such cities/neighbourhoods would be quite steep as there might be a lot of potential homebuyers around.  

Government Policies

Real estate purchasing subsidies are one of the main economic stimulants by the government that encourages the buying and selling of properties. However, the prices of real estate properties have not gone unaffected by local economic restrictions and strict guidelines due to COVID-19. 

Existing Local Culture

Communities often establish their own local culture, which directly influences aspects such as community guidelines and events. Additionally, the demographics of a neighbourhood will contribute to the average lifestyle of the community that in turn has an effect on the cost of the real estate property.

Transportation Infrastructure

Bus stops, train access, and traffic play a large role when it comes to the interest of investors in particular communities. Neighbourhoods with close access to public transportation and less problems with traffic usually have properties with higher values.

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