Home renovation shows are a great way to check out the latest trends in design and décor projects. But considering the inflation in construction costs, you may not have the budget to incorporate most of these design ideas into your home.

Despite this, it’s possible to replicate these costly-looking home upgrades for a fraction of the cost with any of the design hacks discussed below. Apart from cost savings, these simple design options will have an impact on improving a rental space, house redecorating, or preparing a home for resale. In the case of selling a home in the GTA, realtors like Real Pavel, with diverse knowledge about renovations, can help in improving the valuation of your property.

Planning to sell your home as the year draws to a close? Here are some tips for increasing its visual appeal from the inside:

Feature Walls

Barn board is one example of a popular choice for a feature wall, but you might not have the resources for this type of installation. The option of exposing old brick is potentially too complex and expensive for a home renovation project running on a tight budget. However, eye-catching feature walls can be achieved by the use of wallpaper or printed murals, but it’s important to choose the removable kind whether renting or selling.


While the function of fireplaces brings its own advantages, they can also serve as a focal point among other design elements. Instead of installing a real fireplace in your home, an electric version is worthwhile to consider. Research is a vital part of deciding which electric unit should be added to a room. Knowing the unit’s requirements for clearance and air flow is crucial, in addition to working with a professional electrician if needed.

Black Window Frames

Older homes sometimes have wooden, white vinyl, or coloured panes around their windows, but a new look can be brought to the interior of window frames by applying black paint. Before taking on this project, make sure to clean your frames, prep them with the appropriate primer, and move to the painting stage once the recommended amount of time passes for the primer to dry.

Selling a house involves a number of preparations, and the aspect of design plays a key role in this. If you’re putting your home on the market in the GTA, contact Real Pavel today to learn more about our services and dedication to our clients.

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