With the pandemic forcing us to spend more time in our homes, most recent interior design trends are starting to reflect this stay-at-home nature of our lives. These trends are strongly centred around comfort, both in terms of colour and décor, as well as the creation of spaces that can be used in multiple ways. As a result of more time being spent at home, many individuals have begun the process of redesigning their living space. Here’s a look at the top interior design trends for homeowners that are focused on establishing comfort, creativity, and flexibility that is well-matched with professional occupation and childcare requirements.


Interior Design Trends for Homeowners


A Minimalist Approach with Elements of Luxury

This trend is geared towards keeping a living space simple, clean, and decluttered, allowing the home’s best features to be better highlighted. This type of approach involves clearing an area and placing only a few pieces of furniture within it. The luxury aspect comes into play by adding items or accessories that are often handcrafted and made from purer materials. However, the addition of multiple accents is usually not necessary with this approach, as minimalist spaces help to declutter the mind and bring a sense of visual calm for residents and guests alike.

Neutral Colours Paired with Natural Light

Neutral colour palettes, or even all-neutral looks, continue to grow in popularity as an interior design trend this year. These choices of colour by homeowners provide the freedom to opt for textiles and accessories in bold and vivid shades, as well as the ease of changing these aspects down the road. Neutral colours can also be used to lend a room a more calm, open, and spacious feeling. Furthermore, since a greater portion of time is being spent in homes, access to natural light has become an important contributor to our well-being.

Spaces with a Multipurpose Outline

The presence of multi-functional rooms plays a crucial part in accommodating working and learning from home. Depending on the day and time, our homes may need to act as a workplace, school, or gym, and it is expected that multipurpose spaces will be a frequent design choice throughout 2021. Certain components increase the versatility of a space, such as a work surface that can be pulled down from the associated wall.

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