Buying a Property Has Never Been This Easy!
Buying a Property Has Never Been This Easy!
Sit back. Relax. Let Pavel do all the heavy lifting for you.
Work with Pavel and Consider it Sold!
Work with Pavel and Consider it Sold!
Selling your house? Trust the best realtor in town to get the job done.
Looking for a place to rent?
Looking for a place to rent?
Let us help you find your dream property.
Find the BEST deals in town.
Find the BEST deals in town.
Work with Pavel – a top realtor with expertise in the construction industry.

Your Dream Home Is Just Around The Corner - Search Now!

About Me

Find Your Dream Home in GTA With Real Pavel - Toronto’s Trusted Realtor

Are you interested in buying, selling or leasing a property in Toronto but are confused about how to get the best deal? You are not alone! We, at Real Pavel, help clients like you find their dream homes at a reasonable price.  

Meet Pavel Shaganenko, our trusted realtor in Toronto who can assist you in navigating through the ever-changing landscape of the real estate market. Pavel has years of experience in serving home buyers and sellers in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. His vast knowledge of the city’s real estate market can help you cut through the realty jargon to make smart property choices.

Being an entrepreneur in the construction business, Pavel’s expertise in building new homes in and around the Greater Toronto Area can be an asset for your home renovations, expansions, and other additional projects. Our personal network of suppliers and tradespeople, such as carpenters and steel contractors, offers the best home renovation services in the city. 

Be it buying, selling or leasing, Pavel and his committed team are here to guide you at every step of the way.

Here’s what we can do for you: 

For Homebuyers 

  • Gathering your needs and preferences for your dream home. 
  • Helping you figure out mortgage, mortgage insurance, deposit and other financial obligations
  • Going above and beyond to hunt your dream home in the Toronto and GTA 
  • Connecting you with the best real estate lawyers, home inspectors, and construction personnel in the city.
  • Making an offer for your dream home on your behalf.
  • Closing the deal and finalizing all paperwork.   
  • Helping you with home renovations. 

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For Home Sellers

  • Understanding your needs and concerns about selling your house. 
  • Inspecting the property and suggesting renovations to get the best offer for your home.
  • Helping you figure out existing mortgage obligations on your house.  
  • Connecting you with reliable construction professionals, real estate lawyers. 
  • Attracting buyers with detailed online listings (pictures, videos, virtual tours) on real estate websites and social media.  
  • Comparing offers to help you get the best deal. 
  • Closing the deal and finalizing paperwork.

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For Renters

  • Understanding your leasing needs. 
  • Finding properties that meet your requirements and budget. 
  • Helping you manage the financial aspects of leasing a property. 
  • Guiding you through the leasing application. 
  • Finalizing the leasing agreement and closing the deal. 

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